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Can someone please reconcile Discovery Season 3 for me?

So as I'm reading this subreddit I'm getting the impression that a lot of people are really liking Discovery Season 3. I've liked the first two seasons, watched them both twice in the run-up to season 3.
Something I'm really hoping y'all can help me with is episode 3 and 4 of season 3. The first two episodes of the new season are possibly my favourite episodes of Discovery period. I love them both and they do a good job at making us feel just as isolated as the crew of the Discovery no doubt feel being trapped 900 years in the future.
But then we get to 3 & 4, both which I've watched twice in an attempt to see them in a better light. I just can't seem to, though. I really disliked both episodes, so far moreso than any other Discovery episode I can think of. And I don't know why, I just haven't enjoyed them.
I dislike how they handled Earth, I feel like they're always trying to show us, in every Star Trek show including Discovery, that humanity is great and how it's the heart of the Federation, etc. and then immediately after the Burn they kick the Federation off planet and go blindly militaristic and isolationist.
I dislike Adira and Gray. Don't get me wrong, I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community and have been advocating for more inclusivity and cast diversity, but this just isn't it man. You take a trans actor and a non-binary actor, then have their character's stories be not only intrinsically linked but they're also, from a certain point of view, literally the same character? I can't get over how angry I am at how they handled Adira and Gray. Even worse, Gray can ONLY BE SEEN BY ADIRA, I hate this so much. When they were both first cast I really hoped they would have nothing to do with each other. Going for diversity by hiring two minority actors and then placing both of them in their own secluded corner is just not it.
I also dislike how Adira isn't killed by the Tal symbiant, TNG explicitly shows us through Riker that the Trill symbiants kill a human after a not too substantial amount of time. I guess this can be written away as either it being the 900 years of medical advancement making it a viable option or maybe Adira's just built different? I don't see any big problems with them simply making Adira Trill.
The Trill are really concerned because their society is on the brink of collapse. Most of their symbiants died during the Burn and they don't have any viable hosts for the remaining ones. BUT, this wouldn't make sense unless the Trill population had somehow being completely decimated because there's an entire episode of DS9 uncovering the Trill conspiracy that almost all Trill are viable hosts and that fact is just hidden from the general public.
Last but not least, I haven't been liking Saru or Burnham for the last two episodes. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but everything they do has made me wince a bit. Maybe it's just Saru awkwardly trying to find his footing as a captain or what idk, but he's gone from my favourite character of the series to me questioning him.
Would be really thankful is someone could help me reconcile these episodes. I really want to like them. And while everyone's entitled to their opinion and I'm sure you could make some valid point, I'd appreciate leaving any Discovery hate off my post please and thank you.
EDIT: Deleted a sentence where I said Adira would had to have hidden their markings to live on Earth had they been Trill, despite no evidence or even implication that Earth is human-only.
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Wine 5.13 Released

The Wine development release 5.13 is now available.
What's new in this release (see below for details):
- Re-mapping of INI files to the registry. - System call thunks in NTDLL. - Reimplementation of floating point numbers printing. - Beginnings of a restructuration of the console support. - Various bug fixes 
The source is available from the following locations:
http://dl.winehq.org/wine/source/5.x/wine-5.13.tar.xz http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/wine/source/5.x/wine-5.13.tar.xz 
Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:
You will find documentation on
You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.
http://www.winehq.org/git for details. 
Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.
See the file AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.
Bugs fixed in 5.13 (total 22):
4096 IniFileMapping not Implemented (ini on win9x => Registry on NT) 18072 Core Media Player crashes on missing CLSID_DvdGraphBuilder {fcc152b7-f372-11d0-8e00-00c04fd7c08b} (qdvd.dll) 27298 The Witcher 2 Slow Performance on any setting. 28109 winmm capture tests fail on some machines 31023 CuteFTP 8.3.4 - "Encountered an improper argument." Error boxes after most actions. 32215 11game platform crashes at start 36546 Please remove `tmpfs` special treatment in ntdll / MSI packages cannot be installed from `tmpfs` 42874 Battle.net App is unable to update games 44127 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes doesn't launch 45701 Warframe: Launcher.exe does not update, keeps relaunching itself 45876 Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Call of Duty: WWII have no mouse input when using native mfplat 47587 Call to Power II: Screen doesn't repaint after selecting main menu option 49092 Blindwrite 7 crashes with a stack overflow 49103 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered mouse input is missing 49422 Dungeon Siege 1 & 2 weapons are misplaced 49438 Wine on ARM64 fails with "could not exec the wine loader" unless --enable-win64 is used 49489 Incorrect rendering in Warframe with nvidia 49496 sprintf uses locale specific decimal point when it should not. 49513 Battle.net fails to install World of Warcraft or Starcraft II 49522 Mass Effect: Andromeda doesn't recognize keyboard input since 5.12 49570 LVM_FINDITEM should do case-insensitive test for item text 49573 Sporadic page fault on 64bit prefix creation on macOS 
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Sympathy for the Drow - De-Vilifying the Dark Elves

The "Evil" races in DnD have always rubbed me kinda the wrong way. Partly once I learned that a lot of them come from racist stereotypes (Orcs, Drow, and Goblins in particular) and also just because it doesn't make sense to me. Even Nazi Germany had variation and dissenters and it only lasted for 12 years. Why would a clearly evil society never change over hundreds of years? In my opinion, a story is only as good as it's villains. So, I've set out to try and make the traditionally evil races slightly more believable and even sympathetic in places.
Now, I've not been a DM very long, only like three years. But the first campaign I ever ran was through Curse of Strahd which paints the Vistani (an itinerant society heavily based on the real world Romani) as a conniving group of thieves, murders, and vampire-worshipers. Thankfully, I found through reddit and other sites how to steer away from the racists depictions of the Vistani and making them seem like, at worst, opportunists. So, I hope to be able to do that with some other of the classic DnD antagonist races.
I've read some other phenomenal post on here about evil races that totally inspired me as well. There's a great two part post about Decolonizing D&D which I adore. The post about alignment is easily my favorite. There's a couple great ones on Orcs and Yuan-Ti too so if some of my ideas are lifted from them, I hope y'all consider it flattery instead of theft. So, here are some primer notes before I get into it.
For creating the Dark Elves, I tried to keep as much as I could from the books. Obviously some stuff has to get thrown out the window though. I also tried to standardize calling them Dark Elves instead of Drow partly because I feel like Drow has a much nastier sound to it and calling them Dark Elves follows the naming convention with the High and Wood Elves. I tried to model them after real-life matriarchal societies like the Mosuo people of China and their pantheon after real deities like the Greeks, Romans, and Norse. I also quickly realized that building a society is inseparable from geography. Where a people are from effects their language, values, mythology, history, and family structure. I've tried to outline details I think are necessary to making this society realistic while leaving it open ended enough to be place-able in different worlds with relative ease. All that aside, lets get into the meat of it.

The Dark Elves: Elven Outcasts

The Elves are a varied and magical people that come from many planes and many environments within them. But none are met with more distrust and fear than the Dark Elves. Easily set apart from their cousins by their charcoal or pitch-black skin, pink-red eyes, hair of grays and whites, and shorter stature, these people have earned a reputation as killers, thieves, demon worshipers, and liars. But history is a cruel mistress, something the Dark Elves know better than most.

The Divine Divide

As the legends go, when the world was still young, Corellon Larethian lived on the Plane of Arvandor with his fellow Primal Elves. They were wild and mutable, emotional and free in all things. They changed shapes at will, gave and took freely to and from the world, and never stayed in any location too long. They wandered to and fro, scattering their peoples across almost every plane. However, this unbridled freedom was not without a price. Arguments, feuds, and small scale wars were incredibly common between them. Some elves would find themselves stranded on far off planes after most of their companions impulsively decided to leave. Their self serving impulses drove them to often completely disregard the needs or wants of others if they went against their own desires. And their reckless revelry was wreaking havoc on the natural world with Elven parties decimating whole planes of edible plants, wild game, and drinkable water.
One such Primal Elf began to see the destruction of their ways and talked to other elves about their actions. Slowly, this Elf by the name of Lolth amassed a small following of devotees that saw the negative ramifications of their inconsiderate freedom. Lolth and her followers agreed to take on fixed forms to show recognition of the dangers that impulsivity could bring. Lolth led this small group of devotees to Corellon to ask for his support. Now, Corellon did not lead these Primal Elves: he was just as wild as the best of them and did not take kindly to others telling him what to do. But he was the First Elf ever born and was universally respected amongst the Primal Elves and if Lolth could convince him, others would surely follow. Corellon listened to her proposition and agreed that they should change to prevent more destruction and conflict, but refused to order his kinsfolk into any action. He was an Elf, same as all of them, and he wouldn’t dare order around his family. He balked when Lolth asked him to take a concrete form as a show of solidarity and brushed her off as a killjoy.
Lolth was unsatisfied with this outcome and her following set out to convince each Elf to change their ways to preserve the beauty of the worlds. However, without the support of Corellon, many elves refused her offer. Her anger grew with each failure and her opinion of Corellon turned sour, something she made no attempt to hide from her Elven siblings. Now, Corellon is a proud god and once he caught wind that Lolth was bad mouthing him in an attempt to win over others, he became enraged. He railed against Lolth calling her a snake-tongued thief and Lolth called him incompetent and cruel. Their tempers flared and all the elves chose sides between Corellon’s freedom and Lolth’s stability. During this great debate, the Primal Elves turned to violence. The Dark Elves maintain that Corellon’s side threw the first blow, while the High Elves claim that it came from Lolth’s side.
No matter the source, this violent outburst soured relations between Lolth and Corellon forever after. He cast her and her followers out of Arvandor and barred her from ever returning. He also cast all but his most trusted kin from Arvandor, forcing them all to live lives on other worlds out of fear of another perceived insurrection. Thus, the Seldarine remain in Arvandor to judge the souls of Corellon’s faithful when they die and Lolth takes refuge in Arcadia with her pantheon where she minds the souls of the Drow. Corellon’s faithful call her pantheon the Dark Seldarine, while her faithful call it the Myrkalfar.

Myrkalfar: The Spider Mother’s House

Lolth the Spider Queen is the unquestioned head of the Myrkalfar, with all other deities seen as her divine family. Lolth is considered at times to be fickle or even cruel, but her ire is never gained without good reason. A very involved deity, her followers constantly search for signs of her favor or scorn in everyday life. When a Dark Elf contemplates a risky or controversial decision, they consult priestesses or perform their own rites which often gives them direct and succinct answers. She serves as an example to matriarchs of Drow families as demanding yet understanding, punishing yet guiding. She asks for a lot of her priestesses, demanding they be an unflinching example of everything a strong leader should be. The Myrkalfar is often presented as a divine household, with Lolth as the matron.
Keptolo is the consort of Lolth and considered to be the ideal of what a male should be. Beautiful and kind, strong and hard working, he helps Lolth in everything she does. Sometimes he serves as a messenger, other times as an agent of redemption, sometimes as a divine healer. When a Dark Elf is tasked with a divine charge, he is usually the one to deliver the message and guide them through their charge. He serves also as a fertility deity and is often worshiped by women or men seeking a child. Outsiders see him as a weak and subservient husband to Lolth, but his faithfulness to his matron is considered a virtue and his status as a “husband” is relatively alien to the Dark Elves as they have no binding marriage in their society.
If Keptolo is the agent of Lolth’s mercy, Kiaransalee is the agent of her vengeance. She is the eldest daughter of Lolth and Keptolo and one that Dark Elves pray to when they feel wronged. Only the most binding and serious contracts are signed under her name. To break an oath made under her name is sure to bring destruction. She is also the governor of the dead, judging the souls of those passed in the afterlife. She opposes the mindless undead created by mortals, but spirits and revenants that return to finish unresolved business amongst the living are considered under her protection. Should a Dark Elf encounter a returned spirit that is seeking vengeance, it’s their duty to leave them on their way and pray that the spirit isn’t there for them. This reverence of certain undead is something many outsiders consider downright evil.
Selvetarm is the Dark Elven warrior goddess and youngest daughter of Lolth. Often depicted with eight arms, she represents the pinnacle of hand to hand martial prowess, but often is without restraint. She serves as both an inspiration for warriors, and a warning. Vhaeraun is the eldest son of Lolth and governs ambition and stealth. Both of these traits are not necessarily vilified, but worship of him is highly scrutinized. Haughty and rash, tales of him often include deceiving his fellow gods for good and ill and more often than not are cautionary ones. He’s depicted as wearing a mask, either as some punishment for endangering Lolth and her family or to hide his identity for various schemes, possibly both.
Malyk is Lolth’s youngest son and a youthful deity of change and growth. He’s often seen as a bouncing young boy that Lolth and her family have to reign in from wild misadventures. His freedom and curiosity is often seen as a double edged sword, both gaining him great riches but also putting him in tremendous peril. He has strong ties to sorcerers and when a child is born with innate magical talent, he is often the one thanked for it. He serves as an outlet for a Dark Elves youthful chaotic nature, but also warns them of the ramifications of their actions.
Ghaunadur is a strange figure in the pantheon. Their place in the family is a bit of a mystery, sometimes called the sibling of Lolth, or her child, or even as Lolth’s parent. What makes them truly unique is that they are a formless deity, something that Lolth once warred with Corellon over. The legends go that when Ghaunadur joined Lolth, they refused to give up their changeable nature. When questioned, Ghaunadur pointed to the slimes, oozes, and formless creatures of the world and said that they wished to protect them from the Elves and the Elves from them. Lolth agreed, cementing their position as the deity of the changing forms of nature. Their favored creature is the ooze, but they govern all natural creatures. Dark Elves often pray to Ghaunadur to protect them from the creatures that lurk in the depths of the forest.
Zinzerena is Lolth’s sister and is the goddess of poisons, illusions, and magic. Viewed as an elderly and patient figure, she often serves as council to Lolth in desperate times. She’s said to be the mother of all poisons and venoms and her teachings are all about finding the wisest solution to a problem. Zinzerena teaches that even though the spider is small, it’s bite can still fell a panther. Despite her perceived age, she’s considered the younger sister of Lolth and is thought to be incredibly quick and nimble: a reminder that not everything is as it seems.
Eilistraee is Lolth’s niece and daughter of Zinzerena. Considered the black sheep of the pantheon, she serves as a goddess of redemption and moonlight. Dark Elves that turn their back on their family or scorn traditions will sometimes find themselves turned to Driders, half-spider half-Dark Elf creatures shunned by all. Eilistraee is said to watch over these creatures and if they are repentant, offer them challenges that they could complete to redeem themselves. Lolth often views her with contempt or mistrust, but never hates her and maintains her place in the pantheon. Dark Elven faithful rarely worship her as the others. She’s also one of the only deities of the Myrkalfar to claim no animosity toward the Seldarine and their faithful.
Spiders are the sacred animal of Lolth and are often used as an example of social order and the importance of family bonds. Each strand of silk serves the web as whole. More literally, the giant spiders of the Underdark are multifaceted and incredibly useful creatures. Serving as beasts of burden, war steeds, meat producers, household guardians, and silk producers, they are present in almost every facet of society. Their silks are used in everything from wound dressings to armor to architecture. To kill or steal another family's spider is considered akin to stealing a member of the family. Smaller and more poisonous spiders are often kept in temples and their webs are used as divining tools for priestesses.

Elven Exiles

The recorded history of the Dark Elves is full of contradictions from High Elf and Dark Elf sources. What historians can agree on is when the Elves of the Prime Material arrived, the followers of Lolth secluded from their Wood and High cousins and retreated into the Azelarien, also known as the Green Sea in Common. A massive forest, nearly 1 million square miles of dense and vibrant trees, that grows denser and darker the farther in one ventures. For countless eons, the High, Wood, and Dark Elves lived in relative harmony in their own corner of the world. High Elves lived near the forests in towns and villages, the Wood Elves lived in the lightly forested outlands of the Green Sea, and the Dark Elves lived deep in the central forests which was so dense that very little light reached the forest floor.
As time passed and their villages turned to cities, the High Elves began expanding into the forest, chopping some down to build homes and heat their furnaces. This began pushing into the territory of the Wood Elves and eventually the Dark Elves as well. These two peoples formed a shaky alliance to push back the expansive tide of the far larger High Elven armies. This alliance proved successful however and the High Elven forces began losing ground. What happened next is a matter of some debate. High Elven historians attest that the Dark Elven armies used Wood Elven soldiers as unwitting bait to lure the High Elven armies into a trap, thus causing a schism between them. Dark Elven historians state that the Wood Elven armies turned on them after the Wood Elves met in secret with High Elven leaders and bargained for their independence. Some Wood Elven historians claim that after a brutal defeat on the field, they were met by High Elven dignitaries that offered them clemency if they turned on their allies. They initially refused, but after the dignitaries threatened to make the same offer to the Dark Elves, they had no choice but to accept. No matter the cause, the histories agree that the Wood Elves turned on their erstwhile allies and helped push the Dark Elves into a rapid loss of ground.
Facing the might of the two armies with their own relatively small one, the Dark Elves were beaten into a hasty retreat into their own territory. Losing every open encounter, the Dark Elf matrons developed a new strategy of combat. The armies switched from training as many as quickly as they could, to training only a select few in multiple different forms of combat and magic. As the High and Wood Elves advanced into their territory, they quickly found their supply lines cut out from under them, their soldiers ambushed while sleeping, their scouts captured, and their leaders assassinated. And even if they would make it to a Dark Elf settlement, they would find it abandoned and booby-trapped, warned by their fast and silent scouts. If the Dark Elves couldn’t face their enemies head-on, they would weaken them with quick and decisive strikes.
Eventually, the war ground to a stalemate. The High Elves couldn’t push into the Dark Elf territory far enough to capture any cities of note without taking severe casualties and the Dark Elves were only managing to hold the invading armies back and couldn’t muster a force strong enough to push back to the enemy capital. Thus, the war cooled into a tense peace. The leaders came together to draw borders, but neither side fully forgave nor forgot one another’s actions. High and Wood Elves viewed the change in tactics by the Dark Elves as an unethical violation of the standards of war. The Dark Elves felt a particular animosity toward the Wood Elves, considering them backstabbers in their darkest hour.

Dark Elf Families: Matrons of Order

The Dark Elf society, to an outsider, looks like an oppressive and cruel society of slave traders and backstabbers. But the truth is more subtle. The Dark Elves value tradition and filial piety above almost all else. To a Dark Elven citizen, their family name is their most valuable possession and they are taught from a very young age that to look after their parents and their younger siblings is the highest virtue. Ancestors that have achieved great things often have shrines in a household alongside the gods themselves. A Dark Elf going against the will of their family is considered one of the highest taboos and often causes them to be outcast from Dark Elven society as a whole. Dark Elf society is matrilineal meaning that the eldest woman in each family is revered as the household leader and receives great respect from her family and society. This also means that the males of the society don’t inherit wealth as frequently as the females.
Dark Elven families are quite large, often with multiple generations along with aunts, uncles, and cousins living in the same household. New children almost always reside with their mother. Males of the society are expected to care not for their own biological children, but for the children born to their sisters, aunts, or nieces. This results in a striking amount of sexual freedom for both men and women, but is often viewed from the outside as promiscuity. The Dark Elves do not marry in the traditional sense, instead favoring long term partners with one another that can end at any time with no concerns to material wealth or ownership.
However, to become a member of a Dark Elf family is not entirely a matter of heritage. When a family that cannot support another child has one, they are often adopted by more well to do families and raised as one of their own. These adopted children are considered just as legitimate as if they were born into the family. Also, should a family lose all their heirs or become destitute, they often ask to become assimilated into other families for their own safety. The latter is considered a morose ceremony as the members of the smaller family forsake their surnames. To take in such a family is both an extreme honor and grim burden, as it means ending another family's line.
The borders of Dark Elven civilization only goes so far as there are trees so many newer up and coming families have expanded underground, a difficult and slow endeavor. This has put multiple houses at odds with one another for territory. However, Dark Elves do not tolerate open hostility between families as they have a very strong sense of collective identity. Dark Elves do not war against fellow Dark Elves, same as a spider does not fight its own web. This leads to many tensions and conflicts needing to be resolved in other ways. Most families will attempt a diplomatic solution, but when that isn’t an option, sabotage and coercion is the favored outlet. Murder is considered a bridge too far by most houses, but subterfuge in almost every other facet is, while not accepted, tolerated.
Legends of Lolth’s rebellion and the tension of their enclosed territory have imbued the Dark Elves with a strong sense of symbiosis with nature and conservancy. Sustainable living is the cornerstone of Dark Elf society. In the wild, no creature is killed or plant destroyed unless it’s a matter of self defense or necessary to survival.

Dark Elven Sex and Gender

As with many Elven peoples, sexuality is seen as a fluid and non-binary matter. Same sex relationships are usually seen as just as acceptable as male-female relationships. Since Dark Elves have no marriage structure, same sex life partners are common and widely accepted. Inheritance is passed along by the family as a whole, not linearly, meaning some houses may have matrons with no direct biological descendants while still serving at the elder matron. Power dynamics in relationships are still a factor, with the elder female in a gay relationship considered slightly above their partner socially and is seen as the inheritor in cases of property or genealogy. Male same sex relationships are accepted with little controversy. Since children are passed down their mothers line, the males have no social obligation to sire an heir as with other societies.
Transgender and transexual Dark Elves are met with slightly more controversy. Lolth’s rejection of the Primal Elves mutable forms is sometimes cited against transgender and transexual Dark Elves. Ghaunadur, however, is considered the patron god of these people and teaches that just as they are part of nature, they can change their forms. Many of these people join the religious order of Ghaunadur, serving in various roles both in religious ceremonies and as forest guides. Some even consider them to be blessed by Ghaunadur and are highly sought after in forays into the forests for protection. Children born to transgender Dark Elves are still expected to be a part of their eldest mother’s family or eldest father if no woman is part of the union.

Slavery Amongst the Dark Elves

While the Dark Elves do take slaves, their slavery doesn’t look the same as many other societies. When a family becomes indebted to another and they cannot pay off the debt, a member of their family, usually male, will be sent to work for the owed family. They give him room and board and are expected to care for him as if he were one of their own. He’ll work for them for an agreed upon amount of time before returning to his native family. Injury or misuse of this person is often grounds for them to leave and the debt to be nullified. Children born to servant fathers needn’t worry about inheriting their father’s status since they’re considered to be their mother’s child. On the rare occasion that a female servant has a child while in servitude, the child is returned to the mother’s family to be raised by her family while she works off the remaining debt. Some trade of servants does occur between houses, with indentured servants being traded for goods or services or even other servants of special skills, but the family of the servant reserves the right to veto such a trade for any reason.
During their frequent clashes with external armies, the Dark Elves do sometimes take prisoners of war, though very rarely are they used for slave labor. They never bring them back to major settlements, often keeping them on the outskirts of their territory to prevent them from learning critical knowledge of their territory. Most prisoners are held as bargaining chips to be traded for passage, supplies, or captured Dark Elves. Captured military leaders are sometimes brought to Dark Elven cities to be tried for their crimes against their people.

Dark Elven Government: Independent Houses

Unlike many other cultures, the Dark Elves lack a centralized government. Societal etiquette govern the standard for how certain crimes and disagreements should be handled, but each family unit acts as its own governing body. Disagreements within families are thus resolved internally. Inter-family disputes are resolved in multiple different ways. Most often, the two matrons of the family will meet and agree on terms to fairly compensate both sides. In cases when these talks deteriorate, the High Priestess of Lolth is often called to serve as the mediator and serves as the ruling body between disputes. Her rulings are final and indisputable, as she is considered the mouthpiece of Lolth’s will.
In times of crisis, historically the many houses of the Dark Elves have convened to discuss threats to all of Dark Elven society. This is uncommon as it’s difficult logistically to gather all the matrons in the same place at the same time, so often houses are represented by either the second eldest woman of the family or the eldest daughter of the matron. The High Priestess of Lolth often resides over these meetings as an arbiter in the event of split decisions or in delivering guidance from Lolth herself.

There's my take on the Dark Elves. Any comments, suggestions, questions, outrages, and critiques are welcomed. This is my first comprehensive look at a whole race so if I've missed things, I'll try and patch them up. I'd like to do similar things for Orcs, Goblinoids, Kobolds, and others so those might be seen soon. Thanks!
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MAME 0.222

MAME 0.222

MAME 0.222, the product of our May/June development cycle, is ready today, and it’s a very exciting release. There are lots of bug fixes, including some long-standing issues with classics like Bosconian and Gaplus, and missing pan/zoom effects in games on Seta hardware. Two more Nintendo LCD games are supported: the Panorama Screen version of Popeye, and the two-player Donkey Kong 3 Micro Vs. System. New versions of supported games include a review copy of DonPachi that allows the game to be paused for photography, and a version of the adult Qix game Gals Panic for the Taiwanese market.
Other advancements on the arcade side include audio circuitry emulation for 280-ZZZAP, and protection microcontroller emulation for Kick and Run and Captain Silver.
The GRiD Compass series were possibly the first rugged computers in the clamshell form factor, possibly best known for their use on NASA space shuttle missions in the 1980s. The initial model, the Compass 1101, is now usable in MAME. There are lots of improvements to the Tandy Color Computer drivers in this release, with better cartridge support being a theme. Acorn BBC series drivers now support Solidisk file system ROMs. Writing to IMD floppy images (popular for CP/M computers) is now supported, and a critical bug affecting writes to HFE disk images has been fixed. Software list additions include a collection of CDs for the SGI MIPS workstations.
There are several updates to Apple II emulation this month, including support for several accelerators, a new IWM floppy controller core, and support for using two memory cards simultaneously on the CFFA2. As usual, we’ve added the latest original software dumps and clean cracks to the software lists, including lots of educational titles.
Finally, the memory system has been optimised, yielding performance improvements in all emulated systems, you no longer need to avoid non-ASCII characters in paths when using the chdman tool, and jedutil supports more devices.
There were too many HyperScan RFID cards added to the software list to itemise them all here. You can read about all the updates in the whatsnew.txt file, or get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

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Before I begin, I just want to remind everyone that all of my reviews can be found at my site: www.azormx.com. I tried to keep it as minimalist as possible, and it doesn't have any add or any other intrusive elements, so the content is king. Do check it out, as reviews are usually live there before I publish them elsewhere. Any way, on to the review!

The shmup genre hasn’t been a mainstream genre in a long time. To be honest, I don’t think it ever was, even during the arcade days. While we certainly don’t have a shortage of shmups, let alone new release, they usually come from smaller teams. Indies have taken it upon themselves to become a guiding light for all of us. Their creations have been nothing short of amazing! However, we don’t really have anything we could call a “AAA” shmup. We do seem to have the next closest thing: Raiden.
Developer: Moss Co.
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release date: Jul 25, 2019
Price: $29.99
Tate: Unfortunately… no. This really needed to have TATE
Raiden V: Director’s Cut is a vertical shmup set in a fictional but real world. It claims to be the original bullet-hell, and after playing it extensively I gotta say that I agree. Raiden V features some intense air combat, coupled with giant bosses and some jaw-dropping transitions between areas.


Right out of the gate, what caught my attention was the intro. The best way I can put this is that it has everything great about shmups in a short video. It has a great track, it has giant enemies, it has ships and it even has pieces of lore I do not understand! Simply amazing!
Most importantly, it is a very accurate portrayal as to what you should expect from the game. Unlike other shmups, Raiden goes all out in the presentation department, with the story taking a mayor role. Another way I can put this, is that it certainly feels like a considerable effort was placed in every element of the game. Raiden V features a level of polish that very few shmups can claim to have.


One of Raiden’s strength is the amount of customization you have available for your ship. At the beginning of the game, you can choose between one of 3 different ships: Azuma, Spirit of Dragon and Moulin Rouge. Each of these ships has different stats in terms of attack, defense and speed. They also have their own sub-shot which is always firing along with your main cannon.
On top of selecting a ship, you can arm yourself with 3 out of 9 different weapons. Those 9 weapons are grouped into 3 categories: Vulcan, Laser and Plasma. You can pick, or rather you must pick 1 for each category. The result is a combat style that is unique to you.
During your play throughs, you will encounter several power-up orbs. These orbs will power up each of your weapons up to 10 times! Each of these orbs can be either red, blue or purple depending on the weapon it powers up. The orbs cycle the colors, with an outer dot indicating a timer until it changes colors. This allows you to control which weapon you want to power up, giving you the flexibility to pick your own style or choose a weapon for the occasion.
The best part is that absolutely no power-ups are lost upon death! This means that you are free to retry to your heart's content and play at your own pace. Raiden won't punish you or set you up for failure with an unrecoverable situation.
I didn’t put too much attention into weapon selection at first. I figured it wouldn’t be too relevant, as I would probably just play the entire game with a single weapon, but the advanced scoring mechanics and the rank system were quick to make me second guess my decision.


At the core of Raiden V, there are 2 main systems to be aware of: your rank and your flash level. Both of them measure your combat capabilities, although in different ways. Your flash point gauge is a score multiplier that tracks how fast you defeat your enemies. By defeating enemies as soon as possible after spawning, you can earn higher multipliers to increase your flash gauge. By having quick kills, you can raise it to higher levels to increase your score. Your rank, on the other hand, only concerns itself with how many enemies you’ve defeated.
Your rank doubles as the deciding factor of which path you will be taking. Raiden features branching paths with an A, B, C or S version of each stage. Depending on your total destruction rate, you will either move up or down in rank after a stage. While I do not know the exact numbers, I believe having more than 98% destruction rate will increase your rank, 90 – 98% will keep it as is and <90% should decrease your rank. S rank stages are presumably harder than A/B/C stages, with C being the lowest.
Apart from having a higher score and challenging yourself with the difficulty, the importance of S rank is getting the true ending. In order to truly watch the ending of the game, you need to reach the final stage on S rank using a single credit. You also need to power up your 3 weapons to level 10. Once you meet those conditions, you will be able to challenge the final boss. Alternatively, you could just fulfill the level 10 weapons condition to fight the true final boss.


A new addition to Raiden V is the cheer system. By accomplishing certain in-game milestones like a certain number of enemies destroyed, you will get an achievement. These achievements are broadcasted to any players connected to the leaderboards. They can then “cheer” on your achievement to increase your cheer gauge. This goes both ways, as you can also cheer the achievements of your fellow Raiden players.
Once the cheer gauge is full, you can unleash it to clear the screen and gain a drastically stronger sub-shot. Think of it as a devastating bomb, only more devastating and easier to fill. It clears screens and decimates even the bosses.
Perhaps many people won’t think too much of it, but I found it really interesting to know that there’s someone on the other side celebrating my achievements. Likewise, there were times where I left my game on pause to do other stuff, but held on to my controller to provide support for my comrades.


Everything I’ve mentioned before plays out in the general strategy of the game. Assuming you want to get the best results, you need to know where to hit and how to hit hard. For the untrained eye, most shmups just look like games where you fire away with complete disregard and hope the enemy dies. This is definitely not the case in Raiden.
In order to succeed, you must be able to find your rhythm and read the stage. Learn the enemy formations and strategize the quickest kills. Be there before the enemy arrives and take them down before they realize what hit them. If you want to face the true final boss, then you must also learn to juggle your weapons and find the moments to upgrade them. Maxing a weapon and then switching is a recipe for disaster, as you don’t want to be on the later stages with a level one weapon and risk your flash level or destruction rate. With so many weapons and ship types, your strategy to succeed will be unique to you!


One of the main selling points, at least per the game itself, is the story. Raiden V features an extensive story that is fully voiced and occurs as you play the game. This story elements come as the prologue and epilogue scenes, as well as all the events happening mid stage.
As you fly your way to the levels, characters will be advancing the story by having conversations and narrating the current events. The dialogue is available on one of the gadgets located on the right side of the screen. You can read anything you might have missed and even pause to read the on-screen log of events (up to a certain number of events, as the log scrolls to open way for new text).
As for my opinion of the story, I have absolutely no idea of what happened during the game. I played my fair share of runs, but I found it next to impossible to focus on the dialogue while trying my hardest to survive. The voice acting would have been my saving grace, but I found the sound mixing to be the opposite of ideal for listening to dialogue. I even tried lowering the sound effects and BGM to see if I could focus on dialogue to no avail.
The text is also incredibly small when playing on docked mode. It gets even worse when playing handheld.


Out of all the voices, Eshiria’s was the one who got on my nerves the most at the beginning. Other than having her role as navigator on the plot, she also critiques your gameplay. In-between stage scenes, she will provide commentary describing your gameplay. She will be quick to point out if you did well, but also if you did poorly. On my early runs, when I was still learning, it would tilt me to listen to her complaining to me about stats I did not understand.
And perhaps, a huge part of my problems was a lack of understanding of the game mechanics. I listened to her complain about my destruction rate without knowing it was about my rank. She also complained about destruction speed without me knowing it was about the flash point.
The problem is that the game never bothered explaining any of its mechanics to me. I really looked around for some sort of tutorial to no avail. I had to resort to 3rd party resources. While that isn’t uncommon, I really don’t like games with obscure mechanics that can’t be discerned in-game.
Once I got better and consistently reach the S levels, I finally started to value her advice. Of course, I wouldn’t count on everyone reaching the same enlightenment as I did. In my opinion, her comments would more often than not add insult to injury. Once again, it’s not really the commentary, it’s the fact that none of what she said made practical sense until I started digging on the wiki.


Perhaps the worst omission from Raiden V is the lack of a TATE mode. Vertical shooters don’t really have an excuse to do this, with the existence of add-ons like the flip grip or rotating monitors. Instead, Raiden decided to make the most out of the free space and add several gadgets.
In standard fashion, these gadgets will keep your stats like score, flash level, the dialogue and even hi-score statistics. Your left gadget can even be cycled between the score chart and cheer notification, in-game tips and global statistics. Out of those, the tips are definitely the winners. They do give some important advice, such as staying on top of the guns of the first boss to avoid damage.


Every stage is divided into smaller scenes. These scenes serve as a way to catch your breath and tally your score. There’s even a nifty “restart scene” option that allows you to replay a scene. Choosing to restart will deny you the option to upload your score to the leaderboard, but serves as a great way to practice or even “fix” a run to so can get to the true ending.
Every once in a while, the action will pan out and open the way to a bigger stage, with you looking smaller in comparison. I admire the grandioseness of the resulting scenes, but they were also quite impractical. Think about your weapons, the destruction rate and the flash gauge. An extended stage means longer travel distances from side to side. Having a bigger stage means you move slower, which reduces the pacing of the game to a crawl. Reaching enemies quickly becomes a struggle. Worst yet, I’ve counted times where it took me whopping 5 seconds to go from side to side of the stage.


Despite all the fun of blasting enemies quickly to gain flash levels, I gotta say that I found the combat, specifically the bullets, to be lacking in grace. For a game that’s the original bullet hell, most enemy volleys feel like bullet showers. There’s no finesse in them, just a bunch of bullets moving towards you. Dodging them isn’t fun, it’s survival. The problem only gets worse in higher difficulties where the bullets just go faster.
Not all patterns are as bad though. While the vast majority will be just a bunch on increasingly faster bullets thrown at you, some exceptional patterns will show from time to time. As a result, fights tend to be very hit or miss, with both hits and misses being on their respective extremes.
What certainly doesn’t help is that the bullets are very hard to see. As pretty as the backgrounds might be, they are very busy and the quick motion makes them into a blur. Bullets don’t have their characteristic outlines or color palettes to become distinguishable. Some even blend with your own vulcan. The result is a lot of cheap kills caused by intentional obfuscation. It this was their intention, then perhaps I’m being too harsh, but you know visibility is usually one of my pet peeves in shmups.


As far as game length goes, I consider Raiden V to be one of the longer ones. I was surprised after my first run of the game, as it took me 50+ minutes to complete the campaign. Usually, my baseline for shmups is around half an hour, which made this one almost twice as long. While I’m not fond of longer campaigns, I know a lot of people would certainly be glad to know there is plenty of content.
Of course, playing through the campaign isn’t enough to view the entire game. If you recall, most stages have 4 versions of themselves. Those versions are separated by the ranks: S/A/B/C. This means you would need at least 4 runs to see everything the game has to offer. There’s also 6 different endings to uncover.
Also new to the Director’s Cut edition are 2 bonus levels. These level are slightly different from your typical levels. The bonus missions will challenge you to fight a new boss ir oder to obtain medals. Dealing damage will detach the medals from the boss, allowing you to catch them. Gather enough medals and you will advance to the next phase. Higher medals mean higher ranking. Taking damage will take medals away from you, so surviving continues to be a priority.
Lastly, there is a new boss mission mode that allow you to play “boss rush” missions. These missions have certain conditions, like using a specific weapon or fighting at a specific HP level. The targets are usually 1-3 bosses. Boss mission is a very fun arcadey mode for those who enjoyed the boss fights and want more of them.


If there’s a factor that merits my highest praise is the sound department. Simply put, the OST is fantastic. The track length syncs perfectly with the stages, and it always fits the mood. I just couldn’t get enough of the OST, and listening to it while writing this review was the recipe for a perfect Sunday! I also got some good coffee that would make the captain proud.
For all the praise the music gets from me, it still is dragged down by the terrible sound mixing. Similarly to the voice acting, I tried to mess with the sound settings to increase the volume and reduce the sound effects, but it still wasn’t enough. The tracks were great but I struggled to listen to them amidst all the explosions. The calm moments were great, as they let me listen to the songs in peace.


Raiden is a master class in shmup design for the wrong reasons. Its high points perfectly illustrate how shmups should look and feel. The low points also show what you should NOT do when creating a shmup game. Despite all of this, it all comes down to how fun a game is.
Raiden V is a very fun game. It isn’t different, but it’s certainly very polished. I delivers some levels of quality that are notably absent in the majority of the games. As a concept, I feel like it serves as an example of how current gen shmups should be. The execution fell flat in some regards, but as a whole I was satisfied with the time I spent with the game. It does come with a hefty price tag, so my advice is to check this game out when you find a decent sale. I got mine at -70%.


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  2. Psyvariar Delta
  3. Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade
  4. Devil Engine
  5. Rolling Gunner
  6. Blazing Star
  7. Jamestown+
  8. Raiden V: Director’s Cut
  9. Darius Cozmic Collection Console
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  16. R-Type Dimensions EX
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  21. Aero Fighters 2 (ACA Neogeo)
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  23. Lightening Force: Quest for the darkstar (Sega Ages)
  24. Pawarumi
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  26. Task Force Kampas
  27. Switch ‘N’ Shoot
  28. Last Resort (ACA Neogeo)
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A Holy Grail PoW for Monero outlined (GNFS)

**EDIT: Quantum computing calculations have been updated and are now correct. Also at the bottom points #2 and #3 have been made to address concerns that the largest mining pool would always win since there is much less random luck in getting proper factors as opposed to current finding the nonce of the hash...meaning that cooperation in this idea would increase the speed of finding the block above that of simple competition. Currently in cryptocurrencies competition is just as fast as cooperation (at least so we think).**
Some of you may be afraid of Quantum Computers being an ASIC on CPU mining. This post isn't about this topic but I will address it first.
The Monero blockchain can currently factor a 745 bit number in 2 minutes (approx).
According to this post a 745 bit number needs 1492 (2n+2) clean logical qubits (which are very hard to achieve, each qubit is exponentially harder to add than the last) and would take around 2 trillion T gates. Looking at the history of quantum computers, this is probably decades off imo, quantum computers can only run for a few microseconds currently as well. By the time we get there the monero blockchain can probably beat it. A million or so noisy qubits might be more practical and also at least decades off of course.
Here is what I believe to be the Holy Grail to Mining and also I will present some alternatives to this which will have a more precisely adjustable difficulty but I don't think that is needed.
Factoring a large number over 100 digits is well known to not benefit significantly from parallelization such as GPU's, FPGA's, and ASIC's. As I explained above, quantum computers are also out of the running for the foreseeable future. The cool thing about this is that there can be moderate speedup by piggybacking a GPU and CPU since the GPU can support the General Number Field Sieve (GNFS) function of the CPU. This is extra beneficial since consumer hardware always has at least one of each but specialized chips, including IoT device botnets do not.
To implement this in Monero we would start with roughly 745 bits which is 225 decimal digits which would currently take about 1.9 minutes on the monero blockchain. If we bumped that up to 226 digits or 748 bits, this would take around 2.1 minutes. So I think this method is just fine in how precise difficulty adjustment will be by just changing the number of digits we are factoring. If we wanted more precision we could try to factor numbers in binary which would give about 5x more precision on difficulty adjustments. I will outline an even more precise possibility at the end of this post.
So the idea is this. We present a 225 digit (adjustable) number to the monero blockchain. The first person (miner) to present the prime factorization of that number wins the block. It is just about that simple. In order to prevent really fast blocks for numbers that happened to be prime or near prime, we can require that any answer to win a block must not contain any prime factors larger than 113 digits (225/2). This requirement just means that no "really easy" to factor numbers slip in. If an answer is presented to the blockchain that contains prime factors larger than this limit, then a new number is hashed for everyone to work on (this is a point of potential abuse since if a miner finds that the factorization doesn't meet the requirements he could work on the next hash before releasing that info to the public. Somehow we would need to figure out how to prevent this (**EDIT point #2 at the bottom of this post addresses it**). To generate a number we can use Skein-1024 (or SHA-1024) and truncate to the amount of digits we need.
I think that is pretty much it.
Asic, Gpu, FPGA Safe and as Quantum resistant as you can hope for, I say we cross that quantum bridge when we get there.
Simple easy to understand basic concept that has proven itself over decades of research to favor CPU.
Even more favorable is 1 GPU + 1 CPU = 1 Vote which will help disincentivize botnets and crazy big CPU's and favor APU's which are the current consumer standard (or a enthusiast CPU plus an enthusiast GPU).
miner design will contain no surprises since GNFS programs have been written for decades both for CPU and CPU/GPU combo
Very different from what we are used to which are cryptographic hashing functions.
Mining software would have to be developed, as well as the code of the PoW will need to be written from scratch.
Difficulty adjustment will be not quite so easy or precise and will require new difficulty adjustment algorithms.
Let me know your input on this idea and if you agree it could be a PoW that lasts monero decades instead of months.
  1. To get even more difficulty adjustability we could use larger numbers and just require one or more factors to be presented, not prime factors. So say we ask for one 113 digit long factor of a 300 digit number. The length of the number and the length of the factor required can be both adjusted. Also the number of factors could be changed too. So to raise difficulty of this very slightly we could require both a 100 digit factor and a 113 digit long factor of a 300 digit number. since we aren't looking for prime factors in this version, almost every number will have at least one potential factor of these sizes. But still this version should need GNFS sieve and trial division would take much much much longer. This may help address sech1's concerns in the comments below since finding a 113 digit factor of a number would take more of a random time interval than the time to find the entire prime factorization, thus giving smaller miners more of a chance.
  2. Another possibility, and best in conjunction with #1, is releasing 10 or more numbers at a time and as soon as any single number gets factored, then all 10 expire and the block is won. This will allow mining groups to "audit" the numbers and select one that will complete the requirements (no prime factors larger than 1/2 of the bit number size). Also there is more random chance that one number of the bunch could be factored faster negating the "largest mining pool always wins" issue brought up in the comments by sech1, especially if we do 100 numbers, 1000 numbers, or heck why not 1 million numbers (or, most preferably, a randomly variable amount)? Randomly choosing the right number to factor that meets the spec's would then mean more than who has the largest mining pool with everyone working on a single number.
  3. Another option is turning the coin code into one large pool that delegates sub-tasks to individual pools or miners. This would also be a method to address the concerns brought up by sech1.
Potential starts for mining software:
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Killteam Equinox Chapter 19: Shadow From the Warp

A few minutes before the shells began to fall, Matthias was standing outside the lift which would take him up to the manufactorum. He stared at it, somewhat pale, as if it were the inside of a heavy flamer rather than a lift. It had been days since his captain had gone to the aid of the Astartes, and he had heard nothing. There had been no report on her. The rest of the command squad, the entire astropathic choir, and every member of the guard assigned to protect them were listed as dead. But the captain on the other hand wasn’t even listed MIA. If the reports were to be believed, then she was alive and well. Which led to the question of where in the god-emperor’s name she was after a battle that catastrophic.
Matthias had considered that there were three likely options. The first was that she was dead, and the Astartes were concealing that fact to preserve morale. This seemed the most likely to him, but considering how his last encounter with the space marines had ended, he wasn’t about to ask them.
The second was that she had been injured, and so he had checked with any and all medical staff. The medic with the squad had reported she had seen the captain, badly injured, taken in a Valkyrie towards the manufactorum. He had only recently discovered this kernel of information, after two days of digging. It was still more likely that she was dead, but it at least laid to rest the third possibility, one that was all but impossible, but still had haunted him: that for whatever reason, she had turned from the emperor’s light, and simply been erased, forgotten from history.
He considered this possibility slightly less likely than Morn showing up for tea and biscuits, but it still nagged at him. He recalled an old parable “blessed is the mind too small for doubt.” Sometimes he wondered if the Ogryns, abhuman as they were, were actually among the most blessed of all the God-Emperor’s servants because of that.
Still, the trail led here, to the manufactorum. So he summoned his courage, and entered the lift shaft. As he rose, he felt his headache beginning to grow worse from the binary whine. He had slept little, busy managing the regiment back into something resembling a proper structure after Morn’s… not decimation, decimation would have been a mercy, obliteration, of the prior command structure. In between focusing on that he had attempted to track down his supposed superior officer. If she was to be the new Colonel, as Matthias suspected she would be, given the Astartes favor of her, she would need to know every detail.
And, much as he layered it in practical, logical arguments to sway the mechanicus as best as he was able, he simply was concerned for her.
He emerged from the lift shaft about midway up the manufactorum, and quickly attempted to find his bearings. The interior of the factory-temple was as alien to him as the sea floor, and he did not belong here any more than he did there. He moved with feigned purpose, acting as if he knew where he was going, and that it was also very important that he got there. He engaged a practiced “nobleman’s stride” which was about as useful on the servitors as any other sort of social interaction, then abandoned it, for just getting around them.
As he maneuvered away from the ghoulish servants, he glanced back and shivered. Nobody liked servitors, except the mechanicus, and he wasn’t entirely certain about that. He looked forwards and stopped, backpedaling away swiftly. The green armor and black hood and cape of Andriel swept by him. His breath caught in his throat, heart skipping a beat. It then plummeted to the core of the planet when the dark angel turned and looked at him balefully. He took another two steps away from the librarian, then remembered himself and saluted.
“Atra is above, yes she is alive, no she is not well, her plasma gun overloaded and she’s been rebuilt primarily out of cybernetics, yes somewhat like that Catachan but no she’s still wearing her shirt.” Andriel told him curtly. “No, you may not see her but yes I will inform her of your concerns and of her duties, and no I cannot confirm or deny whether she will be the new colonel.”
Matthias paused, stunned speechless. “And because I am a psyker, therefore I can read your mind more quickly than you can speak, and thus do not need to spend as much time dealing with you, as I cannot be bothered to waste time making you mortals feel comfortable around that which you rightly fear. Now go away. You have no responsibilities here that vastly more experienced and qualified servants of the emperor are not already attending to.” Andriel concluded, and turned away.
Matthias stood flabbergasted, attempting to process what had just happened. Andriel hadn’t shot him, that was a good thing. Atra was alive, that was a good thing. Andriel could read his every thought before he even had them, that was… well Andriel was on his side, and also he knew he was loyal, so it wasn’t a bad thing, but that didn’t make having it done any less uncomfortable. His headache was growing substantially worse, and there was an uncomfortable buzzing in his brain.
He started back to the lift. He’d gotten the answers he wanted, though he hadn’t seen Atra personally. It occurred to him that Andriel could be lying to him, the dark angels were infamous for their secrets, but even if he was, it wouldn’t matter. He’d been ordered to leave, and so he was going to leave.
His headache began to pound, and he staggered, falling to his side and holding onto the wall. The buzzing in his head became more intense, an all consuming ringing which drowned out all other noise. It pulsed, beating like a heart. He felt nauseous, and then felt his limbs go limp, losing all feeling to them. What was this? It reminded him almost of the Genestealer’s psychic attack, was Andriel doing this?
The all-consuming buzzing, chittering, screaming roaring drowned his ears, and he felt nothing. He tasted nothing for the first time in his life. He could now describe what his mouth had tasted like. His sense of smell on the other hand intensified. He drew in breaths, of some sweet and astounding scent, like… well he had no words for it, every breath filled his mind with euphoria even as his brain was filled with a tornado of shattered glass and chainswords.
He nearly slipped away into the strange convocation of sensation, but some part of him registered that his eyes were still working. In fact it felt like he saw more, or saw differently. He registered the servitors no longer with fear, but with animal analysis. Prey, weak, more food, less food. Threat.
The last descriptor came as his eyes fell on Andriel. The Dark Angel had fallen to a knee, staff raised high. Arcane energies swirled around him, and the tech adepts backed away, chittering in their strange cant. They staggered and stumbled, as if they were drunk, or something beneath had shaken them. Strange, he didn’t recall looking towards Andriel, and why was he getting closer? Feeling returned in one of his fingers, the familiar grip of his hotshot pistol.
A flood of memories struck him, throwing him off his feet and into the swirling mists of Alvarea. He remembered the day he received them. He was twelve standard years of age, time enough for him to have a weapon of his own. How massive the pair of pistols had seemed at the time, their warm faux-wooded grip, the brilliant and bright focusing lens. He remembered the careful maintenance each evening, against water and wear, to honor the weapons he used. Death he had dealt. Ork boys, near enough to his men to charge, cut down, concentrated beam punching through primitive helm and through the brain, renegades from a planet’s PDF, unorganized, scattering under the guns. In the cold decks of battleships on sea and star, in the tight and deadly fighting the Alvaerans specialized in. The librarian, Andriel, fighting off the psychic attack himself, on his knees, with only a hood, not a helmet.
Wait, no stop! He saw his arm raise, the pistol leveled at Andriel’s exposed head. “Stop! Stop me! I’m not in control! Help!” He screamed, but his mouth did not open. It hung, drooling, and he began to pull the trigger.
The las-bolt went wide, as ceiling and floor spun and began indistinct from one another. He hit the ground, hand already on the other pistol. His body fired it towards the center of the rising mass that was Andriel, but it stuck harmlessly on a psychic barrier. The librarian jerked his staff to the side, and the other pistol went flying out of hand. He then pulled it back, and he rushed forwards- no, Matthias was flung though the air towards him. He froze in front of the space marine’s enraged face, and Andriel placed a hand on his forehead.
Lightning tore through Matthias’s body, and he began to scream. The space marine forced their eyes to meet, and Matthias fell. His soul seemed to tumble from its disconnected frame, through iron walls and stone corridors, out into the void. But the void did not freeze him, and it was not dark. For an eternal instant he burned, in lights too countless and alien to describe. Then he fell towards a golden beam, like the sun, like forces so potent that they were only found in nature. But not a nature, a godlike soul, piercing the imatterium like a spine-mounted lance cannon. He fell into that golden infinity, and felt his whole being come apart. He did not burn, what was felt was so utterly beyond burning that it lacked words.
He fell to the ground, his mouth full of blood. He’d bitten the tip of his tongue off. His eyes were bleeding as well, and, well, he hoped that was blood leaking out of his ears and not his brain. He spat out the tip of his tongue and spat blood hurriedly so as to not choke. The bleeding stopped, or rather was stopped, as he felt the rest of feeling return.
He could hear again, feel again, smell something other than that awful intoxication again. There were roaring booms, and the floor beneath him shook. “An artillery bombardment, the tyranids don’t have artillery.” He slurred. He shouldn’t be speaking that clearly, he’d, ah it was back.
“No, but they don’t have las-pistols either, and yet one just shot one at me, using you.” Andriel explained. “It appears the attack was widely directed.”
“Attack?” Matthias asked, still confused. “I… oh, by the god-emperor I tried to shoot you, twice. And then- ah, what, what was, was that the astronomicon? I’ve heard navigators describe it like that. Did you just throw me, or, my mind, or my soul or whatever into the astronomicon?”
“Of course not. There would be nothing left if I had, and if I were that powerful they would have sent just me to deal with the invasion.” Andriel replied. “I simply purified your mind. Which is why you are saying literally everything you think. I have removed all internal restraints as well as a side effect of the purification.”
“Well I have no idea what any of that meant but I’m scared shitless of you already and confused and generally entirely out of sorts and really don’t want to be here. God-Emperor’s balls I need a drink and a lie down but nope, getting bombarded, and oh god-emperor I can’t stop talking please someone shut me up before the Astartes shoot me oh-“ And then he shut up.
“You have been shut up.” Andriel replied. “You should return to normal… eventually. I don’t know how long it takes mortals. And I wouldn’t shoot you, I would simply sever every blood vessel in your head and disassemble your blood-brain barrier. Saves ammunition.”
Matthias stared at the dark angel. Had he just made a joke? “I found it funny.” Andriel remarked. “Go find your guns. You’ll need them.” Another blast sounded through the factorum. “I can’t do purification at basilisk range, and it takes a bit of time.”
The first that Morn and Atra knew of the attack was when a missile struck the Stormtalon as they were apporoaching it. The explosion blew both back, Atra hopping slightly to stay on her feet. Then another hit, and another and another, and the pair retreated swiftly inside the manufactorum as shrapnel flew. Atra registered one large piece flying towards her eye, when the refractor field deflected it away, and she ducked behind cover. Morn slammed his fist into the door controls, slamming the great shutters closed before the bombardment could spread. Outside, they could hear the groan of straining metal, and the crash as the landing pad fell off the side of the building.
The building began to shake, as more explosions resounded off all around her. “What in the drowned hells was that?” Atra shouted. “When the feth did the ‘nids get Manticore missiles?”
“I don’t know. You purged the genestealers, and that could have only come from one of the defenses I mounted.” Morn growled. “Whoever is responsible…” He paused, shaking in fury, before he calmed himself and spoke calmly, deliberately, and in the most terrifying tone Atra had ever heard. “They blew up my ship. They are dead.”
It was then that they received Wothin’s message. “Acknowledged, I guessed as much.” Morn asked. “Where are you that you can hear them?”
“In the building, where else?” Wothin replied.
“Why are you in the manufactorum?” Morn asked.
“Educating a fetching young biologus lass on the finer points of Astartes anatomy, clearing up a few misconceptions.” Wothin replied. Morn paused for a moment.
“Very well, meet us in central command, we must evaluate the situation in more detail, and for the omnisiah’s sakes, wear your helmet, the enemy may have heavy bolters now.”
The killteam re-assembled in the central control room, where already several monitors displayed various tech-priests, as well as the canoness of the cathedral of saint Augustina. Constantine nodded at her as he entered. “The emperor protects.”
“Indeed he does, though several of our younger sisters have been given His peace, for their faith was not strong enough.”
“It is the entire city then?” Morn asked as he entered, face grimmer than usual.
“Not merely the city Tech-Brother.” The local magos, a mess of wires and tubes that was only vaguely humanoid, replied. “The attack has fallen on all remaining hives.”
“Planetwide? That shouldn’t be possible.” Morn growled.
“Well it has been done.” The magos replied.
“You’re both correct, it shouldn’t be possible, but somehow it’s been done.” Andriel replied as he entered the room, Matthias trailing close behind him. “It was a single psychic attack, targeting the entire planet. I can feel it in the air, tense as a wire. Whatever is doing this has stretched themselves thin to accomplish it, but it’s been done.”
“I suppose that explains why they targeted our astropaths. If it’s spreading itself that thin, then any psyker could pierce it.” Atra acknowledged.
“Yes, but that doesn’t explain why none of us were effected. It targeted me, but that was a direct attack, not part of the wider spell.” Andriel explained. “I brushed that off without any difficulty at all. However it didn’t affect any of us, or the mechanicus, or Atra. To put it in low gothic, it’s hard to mind control a toaster, but that can’t be all of it.”
“What’s a toaster?” Constantine asked.
“Irrelevant.” The magos replied. “The omnisiah protects us with logic. Clearly he has also shielded the guardswoman.”
“That leaves us.” Ish’van replied as he entered, donning his helmet as he did so.
“Is everyone going to announce themselves by cutting in on the conversation?” The magos replied, mildly annoyed at how cramped his control room was starting to get.
Ish’van politely ignored him. “Andriel, do you think it’s synaptic in nature?”
“Possible. It certainly felt like the hive mind, but…” He frowned. “There is something else, something more than the mere animal mind directed. It is something else, something more, something worse, and I do not know what.” For the first time, he sounded concerned, almost afraid. There was something in this alien even to him. “If the tyranid could do this, it would do it more often. This is something else, something using the tyranids as much as our guardsmen.”
“Regardless of what it is, the real question is what do we do?” Constantine asked. “The manufactorum is a formidable defense, but it cannot hold forever.”
“Bring up the long-range auspex.” Morn ordered. “Show us the status of the fleet.”
A nearby screen appeared, flashing through images with incredible speed. Even the other Astartes struggled to keep up, but Morn watched with cold analysis. “The hive fleet is scattered, the main forces are now moving to provide relief.” He explained. “However, the enemy controls the planetary guns, and we have no way to contact the fleet.”
“They’re walking right into a trap.” Constantine growled. “It will be a massacre, and without support from the fleet, Alvaera will fall.”
“Then holding out is not an option.” Morn replied. “We will find the source of this attack, and destroy it. For the emperor.”
submitted by LordIlthari to The_Ilthari_Library [link] [comments]

MAME 0.222

MAME 0.222

MAME 0.222, the product of our May/June development cycle, is ready today, and it’s a very exciting release. There are lots of bug fixes, including some long-standing issues with classics like Bosconian and Gaplus, and missing pan/zoom effects in games on Seta hardware. Two more Nintendo LCD games are supported: the Panorama Screen version of Popeye, and the two-player Donkey Kong 3 Micro Vs. System. New versions of supported games include a review copy of DonPachi that allows the game to be paused for photography, and a version of the adult Qix game Gals Panic for the Taiwanese market.
Other advancements on the arcade side include audio circuitry emulation for 280-ZZZAP, and protection microcontroller emulation for Kick and Run and Captain Silver.
The GRiD Compass series were possibly the first rugged computers in the clamshell form factor, possibly best known for their use on NASA space shuttle missions in the 1980s. The initial model, the Compass 1101, is now usable in MAME. There are lots of improvements to the Tandy Color Computer drivers in this release, with better cartridge support being a theme. Acorn BBC series drivers now support Solidisk file system ROMs. Writing to IMD floppy images (popular for CP/M computers) is now supported, and a critical bug affecting writes to HFE disk images has been fixed. Software list additions include a collection of CDs for the SGI MIPS workstations.
There are several updates to Apple II emulation this month, including support for several accelerators, a new IWM floppy controller core, and support for using two memory cards simultaneously on the CFFA2. As usual, we’ve added the latest original software dumps and clean cracks to the software lists, including lots of educational titles.
Finally, the memory system has been optimised, yielding performance improvements in all emulated systems, you no longer need to avoid non-ASCII characters in paths when using the chdman tool, and jedutil supports more devices.
There were too many HyperScan RFID cards added to the software list to itemise them all here. You can read about all the updates in the whatsnew.txt file, or get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

submitted by cuavas to MAME [link] [comments]

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